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Grand Egyptian Museum

The research and exploration process led to a rich identity inspired by the basic shapes of ancient Egyptian alphabets. Hieroglyphs in the logotype and the signage system were used to invoke the ancient Egyptian culture and style. A logo was created using five hieroglyphs that read Egypt; were combined together to create this geometrical yet simple look and feel .The elongated rectangular shape is inspired by the cartouche; a frame indicating that the text enclosed is a royal name. Black is the primary color.The secondary colors were inspired by colorful ancient Egyptian jewelry design,

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All In One Experience Consumption

The "All In One Experience Consumption" project is a Big Data Infographic showing information such as the purpose, type, and consumption of visitors to complex shopping malls. The main contents are composed of three representative Insights derived from the analysis of the Big Data, and they are arranged from top to bottom according to the order of importance. The graphics are done using isometric techniques and are grouped into using the representative color of each subject.

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Lei Shing Hong Forest Food Court

Forest Food Court is a food court located in the office building designed by Famous Japanese architect Kuma Kengo in Beijing. The core concept of the architecture is “Forest in the city.” The branding and the 6m*150m huge wall art emerged from the concept. Delightful graphics and loosing strokes bring a relax, organic yet urban flow through the serious office building. The sub-abstract illustration balanced the atmosphere of the office and avoid of been too childish or cute.

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FIL Brand Vision System

FIL is a fashion design collection of brand space, selling a variety of interesting and design items.FIL means "line" in French. It is materialized, emotionless, and inclusive. It can be the most basic component of thousands of aesthetics, but it does not exist independently. When designing the brand image logo for it, we run through the "line" in the middle of the three fonts. It allows the concept of the brand to be presented realistically and at any time through varying lengths.

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Silk Royalty

The objective of the branding process is to place the brand in the high-end category by taking a look and a feel of adapting to the global trends in makeup and skin care. Elegant in its interior and exterior, offering clients a luxurious getaway to retreat to self care leaving renewed. Successfully communicating the experience to the consumers was embedded in the design process. Therefore, Alharir Salon has been developed, expressing femininity, visual elements, opulent colors and textures with attention to the fine details to add more confidence and comfort.

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Rare Proportions

Inspired by Brazilian nature, these posters explore the possibilities of the Golden Ratio when applied to graphic design, thus representing the diversity of fauna and flora in Brazil through symbols and illustrations. The different techniques used here are based on Phi calculations (1.618) for the creation of guides, hierarchy and elements that make up the pieces.

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